Photography and Filming Permission

Filming and photography at Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport

Please note the following rules for your film and photography work in and around the Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport.


Commercial filming and photography are not free in principle. Our invoice will reflect the costs for hours worked and support provided.

For more information please contact the Press Office:

  • For journalistic purposes photo and filming at the airport is free but must be registered with the Press office.  Email: .
  • Film and photo teams are obliged to be covered by third party insurance. Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is legally excepted from third party insurance. 
  • Every film and photo team must nominate a person responsible for the compliance with the rules who accepts responsibility by signature. Filming in the areas, e.g. gate, departure lounges or baggage loading etc. is only possible with prior permission and supervision. 
  • Filming and photography without supervision is allowed in the public areas e.g the forecourts, in the departure area, or meters & greeters zone at arrivals. 
  • Before the starting work the team must report to the information desk in the terminal.
  • For all film or photo work that does not have to meet that day's news deadlines there is a ten day application period. When applying, please give the time frame, the location and the number of participants.
  • The airport personnel can only be filmed or photographed if they are in agreement and with prior permission from the Press office. 
  • The filming of the security controls is forbidden by the Federal Police. This also applies to photos taken in the direction of the controls. By non-compliance the film material can be confiscated by the Federal Police.
  • Panning shots of the terminals without directly filming individual persons is allowed.
  • For safety reasons cables must not be run out since they could be a source of accidents for passengers and a handicap for luggage trolleys.
  • Permission for broadcasting goes only to the programme that stands in direct connection with the work applied for. A further use of the work to illustrate another theme is illegal and is hereby forbidden or permission must be granted respectively.
  • Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport can demand a specimen copy of the work.
  • All controversial questions will be dealt with by the supervising person.

Please send the completed and signed form to the Press office:
Mail: .
Paderborn Lippstadt Airport/ Flughafenstraße 33/ D-33142 Büren/ Germany