Winter flight schedule 2016/17

The provided time table contains only currently reported flights.
Further flights will be added gradually and according to airline notifications. All data are subject to change. No responsibility is taken for all details in spite of careful processing.


Lamezia Terme

Winter flight schedule 2018

1=Monday  2=Tuesday  3=Wednesday  4=Thursday  5=Friday  6=Saturday  7=Sunday


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Please note: Flights are arranged in periodic order.

From Paderborn/Lippstadt to Lamezia Terme
Day Airline Flight-No. Departure Arrival via Period


From Lamezia Terme to Paderborn/Lippstadt
Day Airline Flight-No. Departure Arrival via Period
---4--- Small Planet Airlines LLX 5322 11:20 13:55 Nonstop at 02.11.17


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