Luftsportverein Rietberg e.V.

The Rietberg Flying Club is a vivid meeting point for enthusiastic pilots and visitors

The club and its fleet

Five hundred members and the ownership of thirteen aircrafts make the Rietberg Flying Club one of the largest flying clubs in Germany. Looking back on a history of more than 25 years all members enjoy continuing traditions and take great pride in the unique young and modern aircraft fleet of Pipers and Cessnas.

These include eight Piper PA28-181 Archer 111, three Cessna 182 TRG as well as two Cessna 172. All the planes are equipped with the latest avionics and navigation systems.


Savety and training

Thanks to the Europe-wide favourable charter fees the members of LSVR spend more time aloft than average. The prior aim is the safety of the pilot and his passengers. Getting practice and collecting experience is one of the elementary contributions to flight safety. Keeping true to a longstanding commitment, skilled instructors and check pilots support young cockpits crews.



Each year the club organises cruise flights to some of the world's most interesting hotspots. In respect of the differing levels and interests the crews are individually coordinated so that all the pilots have the possibility of collecting valuable experience on flying abroad. Planning and preparations, developing timetables etc. are projects of teamwork before take-off. The destinations range from Libya, Tunisia, Finland, Poland, Morocco, Guernsey, Spain, Portugal, France, Senegal, Algeria, Hungary and as far as the North Cape. Dreams come true at a moderate cost. Many careers have started with a single flight booked at the local flying club.

Anyone who would like to discover the joys of flying in a modern sports airplane or is thinking of going for a pilot's license can book a test flight.

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The club house

"Hangar 3" as members call the lounge attached to the club house is a vivid and family orientated meeting point also open to the public. The spacious conservatory and terrace open the view towards the action on the airside apron.
Visitors, enthusiasts and potential pilots all enjoy the landlord's menu. Björn Schmidt and his friendly team serve some delicious meals and snacks, coffee and cakes or special dishes for little ones.

Club members traditionally meet on Friday nights and welcome any visitors to join.



LSVR Luftsportverein Rietberg
Fon:  0170. 4130050