Luftsportverein Geseke e.V.


With the opening of Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport in 1969 the Flying Club "Luftsportverein Geseke e.V.", that was established in 1960, finally found its ideal base to develop an intensive club culture. Numerous events and its flying school have been particularly popular ever since. One of the main features is to pass on the fascination of flying and keeping up some of the old traditions.

The comforts of a cosy club house and a huge terrace overlooking the airside apron of the airport are perfect for enjoyable club meetings. Young and senior members like to exchange their experiences and latest news, take notes or just enjoy the pleasant meeting point. Not only club members are very welcome, visitors who just like to enjoy the atmosphere or may be interested in learning to fly cant join in on Mondays at 19.00 hours or at the weekends from14.00 hours.

Apart from the attractive social events, the club also runs its own flight training programmes. Flight instructors will help beginners to test their skills, assist to get a feel for the aircraft and teach the theory involved. Potential pilots will be well equipped and learn from the experienced senior members.

For any inquiries just join the club meetings or contact the club's president or visit the website

Luftsportverein Geseke
Manager: Hans Josef Brautmeier
Fon +49 (0) 5250. 97660
Fax +49 (0) 5250. 976615
Mobil + 49 0172 - 5297415